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MrBenidorm   Records   is   an   Independent   Record   Label   based   in   the   United   Kingdom,   we   are   all about   ‘giving   talent   a   chance   ‘.   We   are   approachable   but   we   do   insist   on   doing   things   the    ‘right way’    We   are   members   of   PPLUK   and   as   such   we   upload   details   of   our   releases   to   the   PPLUK Database   sometimes   referred   to   as   CATCO    our   releases   are   also   reported   to   The   Official   Charts Company.  We are also licensed  to stream by PRS for Music the Official UK music licensing body. We also partner with other Record Labels to enable downloads from our sites. Texas Label  Cochise Records owned by Country Singing Legend (the late)Tony Douglas is one and we feature many of his tracks together with up and coming Country Star Cory Elrod. We are particularly interested in Singer/Songwriters who are looking to further their career with our help. With modern technology and the opening up of communications that the Internet provides we can move quite rapidly to market our artists. We have an online retail agent who handles worldwide distribution of tangible products for us safely and securely here We also have our own download sites together with two Internet Radio Stations transmitting 24/7 with a further station planned for later in 2020 We do not want anyone to send demo disks to us, we just do not have the time to deal with them but welcome demos to be uploaded on the site we provide for this purpose. This site has many promotional tools that will also help you promote yourself. The site is free . You can review the site here  The site is also utilised by our other label Soundblitz Records. Artists worldwide who are signed to other labels can however send Cds with a view to our Radio Stations giving them airplay. They must be properly registered with ISRC codes for us to consider them.
From    time    to    time    we    contact    unknown    and unsigned   artists   registered   on   our   sites.   Who   we believe   could   benefit   from   an   original   song   that   we have   in   our   portfolio.    In   these   instances   we   will provide   lyrics   and   backing   tracks   in   the   required key to assist  with the recording of a demo
Our Company Owned Digital Download Sites Our   digital   download   sites   also   offer   the   opportunity   for   unsigned artists   to   showcase   themselves.   Here   are   the   links.   Registration   is   Free of charge. All Genres Country

Dave Vernon

Rick Wild

Debby Bennett

Ryan Dior

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