We Are Looking For Talent
We Are Looking For Talent
Searching For Talent Worldwide
MrBenidorm Records are looking for new singers and groups to promote during 2019 Register free and upload some of your songs on our download site, if we like your music we will be in touch within one month. We are looking for singers and groups who write their own music in particular,that we can promote worldwide on premier download sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Napster etc. Register Here
If You Have Talent You Could Be Here!
More Of Our Signed Artists Will Appear Here Quite Soon
Searching For Talent Worldwide
MrBenidorm   Records   is   continually   searching   for   emerging   artists   throughout   the   world.   Artist   from   every   genre may   register   free   on   our   upload   site   and   showcase   their   music.   If   we   believe   you   are   marketable   we   will   sign   you for digital downloads at major online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. Our   A   &   R   Representatives   are   checking   daily   all   uploaded   music   but   it   could   take   a   few   weeks   for   us   to   approach you   if   we   want   you   on   our   label.lease   note   that   we   only   sign   Artists   with   original   songs   or   if   you   have   a   cover version you will require  a Mechanical License from the Publisher or Song Writer. We pay special interest to Singer/Songwriters. Our Upload Site is here
MrBenidorm Radio We    operate    an    Internet    Radio    Station    broadcasting    24/7/365    this    can    be    found    on Winamp   Shoutcast   MrBenidorm   Radio   Also   on   DAB   Radios   capable   of   receiving   Internet Transmissions. You can listen to our radio on this site from the Contact/Radio  menu item.

Cory Elrod

Ian Robinson

Nancy Bryn


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