Debbie Bennett - Heart and Soul

Recordings from Award winning American Christian Country singer Debbie Bennett
Title Time Bitrate Cost
He Gave Me Life 3m 22s 320 kBit/s £0.50
vocal-her mama didn't know 3m 28s 320 kBit/s £0.50
Homeless on the Streets 3m 25s 320 kBit/s £0.50
Is There A Place Where I Can G 4m 16s 320 kBit/s £0.50
Looking Down 3m 43s 320 kBit/s £0.50
Lord You Know 3m 16s 320 kBit/s £0.50
Mama's Last Amen - new 4m 54s 320 kBit/s £0.50
Pictures On The Floor 4m 1s 256 kBit/s £0.50
Remember The Nails 2m 59s 320 kBit/s £0.50
The Letter 3m 55s 256 kBit/s £0.50
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